Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brake Light Fever

What is it called when you start seeing the same thing over and over again? You know... Before you bought a car- you never saw it on the road...But once you bought one- you see them all over. Or every time you look at a clock, it's always the same time? I can't seem to remember what it's called- but man, the last two wks have been driving me nuts! Everyday while I'm driving I seem to find myself behind someone whose brake light is out.... But wait!!! Not just any brake light- no sir. ALL of the vehicles RIGHT brake lights have been out.

Is this a sign?! If it is- what the heck does it mean? Slow down? Screw braking and speed up? Stop left, go right? AHHHH
It got so bad last week that I actually followed a man into the grocery store- tapped him on the shoulder- and told him that I was behind him in the parking lot, and I wasn't sure if he knew- but his right brake light was out. After getting a very odd look and a "uhm, thank you?" response- I preceded to walk down the produce aisle pretending to check out some tomatoes- as though I actually went into the grocery store to buy groceries. But I was off my rocker- I just needed to let this complete stranger know that his broken brake light was driving me nuts- and he needed to fix it- pronto. So as soon as he turned the corner I left the store. But I felt good!! I was relieved! I thought maybe I broke the cycle. I did my my gold star for the day. After all- you really won't know your brake lights are out unless someone tells you or a cop pulls you over, right? So maybe I saved this guy a ticket and I can stop being stalked by damn broken lights!!

Of course it didn't play out that way. The following morning I was in back of my husband on our way to work...and wouldn't you know... his RIGHT brake light was out.

My drive to work is a little over 45 minutes. I spent the entire drive with the music off and my mind spinning. This is what I've come up with: my scientific I'm.NOT.going.crazy hypothesis to the mysterious brake light outages affecting me and only me.

NJ and PA have been under a pretty severe heat wave over the last couple of weeks. The materials used in making lights will falter under intense and constant heat- thus forcing the bulb to blow out.

My theory as to why only the right lights have been going out? Simple. I wink with my right eye- so it's only natural that the cars in front of me follow suit.

So this is it- I'm doing a voodoo chant and passing on my brake light visions to my readers :) Let's see how many cars you spot with their lights out in the coming days!


  1. Ive been seeing them lately too! How weird