Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bathroom Habits

So I was in a public restroom last wk... There were three stalls and I was certain no one was in the restroom with me. It was quiet and there were no feet showing under the doors. So anyhow- I started washing my hands when all of a sudden someone started peeing. So I looked under the doors and still- no feet. WTF? So I took my time washing my hands cause i needed to see who was going to pop out of the stall. Anyhow, sure enough, two feet jumped off the seat- the toilet flushed- and out walked a woman. She washed her hands and left like what just happened was completely normal. Leaving me standing there- bewildered- still washing my hands because I had no idea what I just witnessed.

So anyhow, apparently, this woman stands on the toilet when she pees. To each their own, I guess, right? But that led me to wonder if other people had strange bathroom habits too?

I'm a huge germophobe... just the thought of public restrooms skeeves me. I have to take off the first few feet of tp and flush it immediately- who knows what flew up and landed on it in prior flushes. Then I need to wipe the seat before putting a seat guard down. And only then can I pee. But that all seems normal to me...I think? :) Do you have a crazy bathroom habit?

And if you're the woman who stood on the toilet while I was washing my hands... just know I find your behavior very odd and a little disturbing. But hey- it is pretty talented ... I’m not sure I’d be able to balance, squat, and pee at the same time. So kudos to you. But just so you know- I don't appreciate the skid marks you leave on the seat. Next time- pop a squat standing on a seat guard...Let's see how good your balance is then.

That's all for now :)


  1. Haha, that is hilarious! I'm quite the opposite of you, not really minding public bathroom germs (yes that makes me gross LOL). If there's anything obviously wet then I'll wipe it, but I think that there would be a lot fewer germs if women would stop hovering and just sit on down. :) At least you use the seat cover. :)

  2. I agree!! Squaters must go! Put your butt on the seat and call it a day! :)