Saturday, March 19, 2011

To the Moon, Alice

At first when I read about this "Supermoon" that was coming our way... I wasn't over the moon about it :) But, when the day came... I was out in my yard like millions of other people waiting to see something I never saw before.

I dunno... I just didn't think it looked THAT big. It was bright, but I guess I just never paid too much attention to it in the past to know for certain that it was bigger than it was that last full moon.

Regardless, it gave me an excuse to pop out my tele-zoom lense and have at it. I got a few cool pictures out of the experience... even caught something that looked to be oribiting the moon!! Enjoy...

First spotted something "near" the moon as it started to rise

Then about 10 minutes later... spotted it again.

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