Thursday, March 24, 2011

18 Things I Wish I knew

My Sister-in-law's neice is turning 18- here's a little snippit of what I wrote to her in her card... 18 thinks I wish I knew when I was 18. What do you wish you knew then that you do now?

18 things I wish I knew when I was 18

  • 1. Hold on tight. Not only to life, but to your mom. The grip seems to slip as you get older- so the tighter the grip, the better off you’ll be

  • 2. You matter. Don’t let others make you feel else wise

  • 3. Don’t only save money- save pictures (PRINT THEM), save things you’ve written, and save old notes and letters from school. It’s the best feeling finding and re-finding them in boxes years down the road.

  • 4. Remember that fight you had with your friend the year before you slipped down the stairs because you forgot your homework at home? Yep, exactly. They don’t matter

  • 5. Honesty may not always be the best policy- but integrity matters above all else

  • 6. Make small attainable goals more often than lofty ones. Waiting for results suck

  • 7. A lot of what you’ll study in college you’ll forget. What I didn’t: Time management, perseverance, taking criticism, letting go, moving on, and that one professor who told me to never stop writing… That’s what college is all about

  • 8. Change is a wonderful - habits are meant to be broken

  • 9. The moments you will always remember at those you didn’t plan. Spend less time planning and more time experiencing

  • 10. Don’t be scared to be original… Most people you meet are trying to be someone they’re not. Stand out- the more unique you are the more in demand you’ll be. You don’t have to please to be wanted

  • 11. If you learn something meaningful- or if something moves you… Always, always pass it on

    Before my mom passed away she gave me on piece of advice… I guess she knew I was a little compulsive (who, me?? never!:)) She told me when I have a decision to make- no matter how big or small, think of an STD. My first words to her were, “eww gross, ma. Please I don’t wanna have THIS talk…” but she put up her hand, and said “ Stop, Think, then Decide” Best advice I’ve ever received

  • 12. Instead of wasting your energy hating someone- pity them. Anger has the power to control your soul, empathy only makes you stronger

  • 13. Your instincts never lie

  • 14. Only when you stop looking for something… anything… that’s when it’ll appear

  • 15. Don’t wait for tomorrow, a new month, a new week, a New Year -to start over. Close your eyes, open them- and go. Now. Slipping? See #1

  • 16. Negative people are like magnets- they attract negative things. Rid them from your life

  • 17. People will constantly push their opinions on you. Never be afraid to push back. Question everything

  • 18. The last thing I wish I knew when I was 18- he wasn’t worth it

  • 19….one for good luck? People always give that extra punch but I’m not going to. You don’t need luck- you need passion. And I know you already got it!

    Happy 18th Birthday, Maria! Cherish it. Right now you probably can’t wait to be out of your teens, and out on your own. But trust me when I say there comes a point in your life when you’d give anything to just go back. To go back to the spot you’re in now. The spot when you’d give anything to just grow up. It’s a crazy paradox, but try your hardest to never rush it. Life moves far too quickly on its own.
    Love you like a sister! Enjoy your birthday and may the next year be filled with lots of love, laughter, and health!!

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