Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

On a somber Tuesday night four years ago today- at exactly 8:41pm on May 8th, 2007- I watched as my 57 year old mother left this world far too soon. Since then I can’t count the number of tears I cried, sleepless nights I’ve had, or the number of times I’ve asked the question ‘why?’. Without hesitation I can easily spend today doing just that. But instead, on this day I choose to celebrate her life and celebrate the amazing mother she was.

They say the dates on your tombstone don’t matter… it’s the little line that stands in between the two that define who the person was.

So Mom, on this Mother’s Day, I give you your line.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Happy Four Years of painless peace. Here’s your in-between…

1949 – 2007

My Beautiful Mother, where do I begin?

Stunning on the outside, even more within

Eyes that glistened and shined with grace

A smile as welcoming as a warm embrace

Strong and determined- stubborn as they come

If you had your mind set- it was over and done

You craved your morning coffee and Marlboro 100 Lights

Shopping on the weekends and late casino nights

Summers on the beach or tanning by the lake

Winters watching football or sleeping in real late

Sunglasses and purses- the bigger the better

Before it was popular you were always the trendsetter

Loved General Hospital and Dancing with the Stars

Planting in the garden and sitting in the front yard

You changed your kitchen curtains every other week

The house was always spotless- you huge neat freak

The “man” of the house – your hands did it all

Laid down new flooring, painted all the walls

Never scared to get dirty- always jumped right in

Such a lady on the outside, yet a tomboy within

Politics made your blood boil but how you loved it so

Seemed like every other month there was a sign in our window

Your name was on the ballot the month after you died

and wouldn’t you know you still won it by a landslide

Handing out turkeys on a cold Thanksgiving day

Filling up a refrigerator for a family who’d lost their way

You always gave to others more than you took in

Helping made you feel better than receiving ever did

Though you had a kind demeanor- you could be a real blood-hound

Cross you the wrong way and you were the biggest bitch around

You took no prisoners and your hit list was long

No one ever questioned how much you were headstrong

You stood up for what you believed in and never backed down

When others around you were quiet- you had the loudest voice around

You rooted for the underdog even if they stood no chance

You walked to your own rhythm and swayed to your own dance

No matter where you would go, it’s like you were the Mayor

Someone was always saying- ‘Hey Patty see ya later!’

If your children ever did something wrong-oh God forbid

There was always someone around- “ Aren’t you Patricia’s kid?”

There’s no doubting the fact- I’m your daughter, for sure

Your stubbornness, kindness- and the strength to endure

Your life was one lived striving to better the future

But you got cut off too soon- never closed that last suture

Your line may be determined between two certain years

But the meaning behind it lives on loud and clear

So although your tombstone may read 1949 - 2007

Your legacy and energy live on even now in 2011

Taken away too soon, four years ago today

I may have lost my mother but your memory is here to stay

Your soul, your energy, that power you possessed

Continues to tuck me in at night and lay me down to rest

I know one thing for certain- your line was carved in bold

Your in-between had meaning still continuing to unfold

Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven and Happy Four Years at Rest

Today I celebrate your life and the woman who lived it best!

I love you, Mom

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  1. You're an amazing writer! Are you published?