Wednesday, May 9, 2007

RIP Mom, Sweet Dreams

My mother was a fighter...the strongest yet most tender person i'll ever come to know. Her death has impacted my life in ways noone will ever understand, but her life has impacted people's lives in ways they'll never ever forget.

I love you Ma... you're safe now.
12/22/49 - 5/8/07

You held my hand in yours
And whispered I'll miss you so
Your hands were cold and gentle
A touch I'll eternally know

Your body so slim and fragile
Drained of spirit and drive
Jennifer, help me please
I don't want to be alive

I wanted badly to make it stop
Take the pain and melt it away
But all I could do was massage your aches
And say, soon Mom it will be okay

Your eyes had met with mine
As tears began to form
I'm sorry it had to come to this
I don't know where it all went wrong

Your face remained so exquisite
Through illness your beauty still showed
Your tired eyes were still so vivid
Taking in the world letting you go

I looked at you looking at me
And smiled at the woman I saw
Memories flashed from years that passed
Recollections that left me in awe

Will you be strong enough, Jennifer?
Are you sure you'll you be okay?

I'll be just fine, Mom
I'll have you with me everyday

I love you, Jennifer
Mom, I love you too
You've made me so very proud
Not as proud as I am of you

A brush of fresh air came through the window
The harmony of jazz blanketed the room
You laid on your side gazing out the window
Looked up to heaven and smiled on cue

Close your eyes now Mom,
Get some sleep- put your mind at ease
Good night Jennifer, I love you so
I love you too Mom, and sweet, sweet dreams.

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