Friday, January 11, 2008



Who is the most influential artist today? I really dig artists with meaningful lyrics. Being a writer, I’ve come to appreciate the words more than the “song”. That said, John Mayer and Michael Buble are top of the list, for sure.

Who do you most admire? My parents for having the patience to raise me… lol but anyone who is unafraid to stand up and be themselves. In a world of fakes and liars, there are only a handful of genuine people left

What is weighing you down lately? It’s been 8 months since my mom passed away, and it’s not getting easier

What is the most important thing you have learned from your past? People aren’t always who they say they are, the grass ISN’T always greener on the other side, things only look peachy from the outside, people pretend more often than not, and karma is fact.

What are you doing tomorrow night? It’s the playoffs. What do you think I’ll be doing?! :: Moment of silence for the JETS :: k, thank you “)

If someone handed you $10 right now – what would you buy? A bottle of water, Star Bucks White Mocha, and a pack of gum.

What was the last book you read? Double Cross – James Patterson

If you could have grown up in another decade- which would it be? I’m definitely more of a “Happy Day’s” Gal… I would of loved growing up then. I think I have a good twist of old meets new for my own time- however, I’m more old school valued … so I clash with a lot of people who don’t have similar morals and backgrounds.

Define love: You’re standing on the battle field- bullets flying at you from all angles. You WANT to be there because it feels right. Scary as it may seem, you just know deep down in your heart, you won’t get hit. Noone understands you – they think you’re crazy for being there. But you know you’re floating above the bullets so you trust you won’t get wounded. And if you’re in the right spot- if you’re meant to be there- you surely won’t.

What sets you apart from everyone else: I have an insurmountable surge of drive and desire. I will never, ever, settle. I want what I want – regardless of what someone else (dis)likes – and I will get it myself – without help from others. I learn better doing – than getting- therefore, I LEAD, don’t follow. I’m independent, and rely on no one but myself. I have a hard time asking for help, but when I do, I am forever grateful. I never forget a smiling face. I rarely meet genuine people, so when I do, I try to keep them close. I have a small circle of friends- and that’s for a reason. I don’t use the word “friend” freely. I think I’m smarter than most people – I think I can do things better, quicker, and more efficient than most as well. I sometimes come off conceited- but I’m not. I’m confident in my abilities, my personality, and my character. The minute I think I’m inferior – I’ll better myself. I don’t stress fashion, name brands, or the latest “in thing”. I buy what I like – regardless of labels or trends. Copiers are never original.

What are some things you’ve done in your life that you’re proud of: Hmm.. I don’t know really. I used to want to do things that made others proud, I never looked at it through a personal perspective. I’m definitely proud of my sports “Career”. Breaking the 1000 point mark in basketball was something I’ll always remember, and being lucky enough to coach the sport I loved was equally satisfying. I’m extremely proud of finishing my poetry book, and working on a second. And honestly, I know it’s nothing I really “did”, but I’m truly proud to be standing next to the man I wake up to every morning. He makes ME proud, and I’m proud of that “)

What gets you in trouble the most: I think my honesty gets me in the most trouble – I’m the worst liar, so I’m overly honest. If I don’t believe or like something you’re doing – chances are I’ll let ya know. I’m not the person to come to if you’re looking for reinforcement. I’m also mildly stubborn. I like change, just not of my mind.

Favorite song of the moment? Everything, by Michael Buble, and Bubbly and Magic Piano by Colbie Caillat.

What is your latest obsession? Wii, for sure!! Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, and Smarty Pants!!! A serious addiction is forming.

What are you most passionate about? Poetry, to me, is all-consuming. My world is composed of words. I’m openly introverted, so writing is the one outlet where the world gets to see me, and my play on words.

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