Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dear Santa

It's been years since my last letter
Years since I last believed
But even though I've grown and strayed
I'll be waiting for you this Christmas Eve

I'm not sure where else to turn
So I hope this letter finds you quick
For I'm child in need of her mother
Asking for a miracle from Old Saint Nick

I know the thought is far fetched
And I'm crazy to be so naïve
But I pray that somewhere, somehow
There's a spark of truth in make believe

So here is goes nothing, Dear Santa,
The holidays are upon us once more
This time of year holds special meaning
For it's the season my mother most adored

I remember waking up Christmas mornings
In Santa pajamas she given the night before
My mom couldn't wait to get me out of bed
I just can't believe she won't be there anymore

She made everything so special
There was never a year I went without
Our house was filled with presents and love
She was what Christmas is all about

My wish this year is pretty straightforward
I'm not strong enough to get through it alone
So my Christmas plea is for one more day
Dear Santa, please bring my mother home

I'll play her favorite Little Drummer Boy
And hang her ornaments on the tree
I'll say my prayers and hope you hear
How much I need her home with me

I know it's hard to wrap a miracle
But my heart will surely be in awe
To come downstairs Christmas Eve
And see Mommy kissing Santa Clause

Until that day, my fingers will be crossed
Praying for a miracle unlike any other
I know it's an awful lot to ask
But Santa, please bring me back my mother

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