Thursday, May 8, 2008

1 year ago today

Patricia M. Glover

12/22/49 – 05/08/07

I hold out my hands and breathe in the sky
With my eyes closed tight- memories underlie

Inhaling the impressions embedded in the air,
I draw in your presence as though you are there

Palms to the heavens, while the winds draw still
Your soft scent of musk gently calms my will…

It tickles my nose and engrosses my mind
As your soul travels through me, our hearts intertwine

You're with me, beside me – this I know for sure
Your presence is eternal- it continues to endure

A year ago today with your cold hand in mine
I said my farewells and kissed you goodbye

But gravity was in suspension that very somber night
It coupled our souls together, as yours was taking flight

So for your year anniversary and Mother's day to come
I celebrate your life and the connection that lives on

Happy one year in Heaven Mom, and Happy Mother's Day too
I love you so very much and I'm forever in awe of you

RIP Mom, I miss you terribly

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